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GST Return Filing

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Streamline Your Business with Effortless GST Compliance

Welcome to our comprehensive GST services, designed to simplify your business operations and ensure seamless compliance. From hassle-free GST registration to accurate GST return filing, we handle it all. Need assistance with GST LUT filing or GST annual returns? Our experts have you covered. Say goodbye to invoicing headaches with our efficient GST e-invoicing solutions. Worried about E-way bills? We’ve got you sorted. Unlock the benefits of input tax credit with our expert guidance. If you require GST registration cancellation, trust our professionals to handle the process smoothly. Embrace effortless GST compliance and focus on growing your business with our trusted services.

GST Return Filing
Required Document for GST Return Filing
Invoices for Gstin or B2b Transactions
Invoices for Non-gstin or B2c Transactions
Submit if Total Value Exceeds ₹2.5 Lakhs
Inter-state Sales Consolidation
Summary of Goods Sold by Hsn Code
Other Debit/credit Notes or Advance Receipts

Innovative Taxation is a Professional Tax and Accounting Firm Providing Comprehensive Services for Gst Return Filing. With Expertise in Tax Compliance, Our Team at Innovative Taxation Assists Businesses and Individuals in Meeting Their Gst Return Filing Requirements. In This Article, We Will Explore How Innovative Taxation Can Support Businesses in Filing Their Gst Returns Accurately and Efficiently

What is GST Return Filing?

GST return filing refers to the process of submitting periodic returns containing details of sales, purchases and tax liabilities of the taxpayer as per the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rules. In India, GST is a unified indirect tax that replaced various indirect taxes, and businesses registered under GST are required to file regular returns to the tax authorities. GST return filing involves providing information such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, input tax credit and the amount of tax collected and paid. It is an essential compliance requirement for businesses to meet their tax obligations and maintain accurate records of their transactions for proper assessment and audit by the tax authorities.

How Innovative Taxation Can Help with GST Return Filing:

Innovative Taxation provides expert assistance and guidance to businesses in meeting their GST return filing obligations. Here’s how we can help:

Accurate and Timely Filing: Our experienced professionals ensure that your GST return is prepared accurately and filed on time, avoiding any penalties or compliance issues.

Comprehensive Data Management: We help you manage your sales and purchase data effectively, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and reported correctly in your GST returns.

Input Tax Credit Optimization: Our team helps you maximize your Input Tax Credit by thoroughly reviewing your purchase invoices and ensuring that all eligible credits are claimed.

Compliance with GST Regulations: We stay up to date with the latest GST laws and regulations to ensure that your GST return is compliant, minimizing the risk of any non-compliance issues.

Seamless Process: With our expertise, we streamline the entire GST return filing process, making it hassle-free for you. We handle the preparation, verification and submission of your returns, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable professionals are available to address your queries and provide valuable insights on GST related matters, thereby helping you make an informed decision.

Partner with Innovative Taxation for your GST return filing needs, and experience a smooth and efficient process while complying with Indian tax laws.

Steps to File GST Returns Online

The Government has launched online filing of returns under GST through the GST portal on the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

Step 1: Go to GST Portal –
Step 2: Get 15 digit GST Identification Number (GSTIN) based on your state code and PAN.
Step 3: Upload the relevant invoices on the GST portal, and you will receive an Invoice Reference Number for each invoice.
Step 4: Once all the invoices, inward and outward returns, and monthly GST returns are uploaded, verify the data and file your return.

Innovative Taxation provides user friendly online platform for GST filing services. Their dedicated representatives collect the necessary documents and assist in the entire process.

GST Return Types Application Status Tracking

The status of GST return application filed depends on the compliance. There are four conditions:

  • File-valid: When the return is filed and all requirements are met.
  • FILED-INVALID: When the tax is not remitted partially or fully.
  • To be filed: When GST return is due but not filed.
  • Submitted but not valid: When the return is valid but filing is pending. 

Ways to Check GST Return Status

There are three ways to track GST return status online:

Tracking through ARN: Use the unique Application Reference Number (ARN) to track the status on the GST portal.
Tracking through GST Return Filing Period: Select the filing period and view the relevant details.
Tracking through status: Enter your GSTIN ID and captcha code on the GST portal to view relevant information about your company including GST returns.

It is important to note that the exact list of documents required for GST return filing may vary depending on the nature and specific requirements of the business. To ensure smooth GST return filing process, it is advised to take guidance from a professional tax consultant or GST expert. At Innovative Taxation, our experienced team can assist you in understanding the required documents and assist you in filing your GST returns correctly and on time.


Ans: GST return filing refers to the process of submitting periodical returns containing details of sales, purchases and tax liabilities as per GST rules.

Ans: All businesses registered under GST, including regular taxpayers, composition scheme taxpayers and Input Service Distributors (ISDs), are required to file GST returns.

Ans: The frequency of GST return filing depends on the type of taxpayer and the turnover of the business. Generally, it can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Types of GST returns include GSTR-1 (Outward Supplies), GSTR-3B (Summary Return), GSTR-4 (Composition Scheme Return), GSTR-9 (Annual Return), and more, depending on the taxpayer’s category and turnover. depends on.

Ans: Late filing of GST returns has provisions for penalty, interest and even cancellation of GST registration. It is important to file returns within the prescribed due dates to avoid such consequences.

Ans: No, in order to claim ITC, it is necessary to file the relevant GST return within the due dates. Non-filing of returns may result in loss of input tax credit.

Ans: Yes, seeking assistance from professional tax consultants or GST experts can be beneficial in ensuring accurate and timely filing of GST returns, minimizing errors and non-compliance risks.

Ans: The documents required for GST return filing include sales and purchase invoices, details of input tax credit, bank statements, and other relevant supporting documents.

Ans: At Innovative Taxation, we offer expert assistance in GST return filing. Our knowledgeable professionals can guide you through the process, ensure compliance, and help you file your returns accurately and on time.